Oh yes we love baking! So here's a collection of canny gadgets to help you when you are in baking mode!
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Mini White Egg Yolk Separator
Well ok so this is a very simple little gadget but believe me you will...
Really Canny Cake Slicer
We think this is such a great idea that it went immediately into our Canny...
Really Useful Baking Mat
This baking mat is just superb! It's a really canny idea to have a mat...
Manual Batter Mixer Marvel
This is a clever gadget for mixing up batter for your pancakes or waffles. Just...
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Magic Cake Mold
If you love baking cakes then this is a must! You can change the shape...
Heart Waffle Mold
This silicone heart waffle mold is probably not that imaginatively canny really...but we think it's...
Easy Filp Mini Pancake Mold
This is a great Canny thing for making perfect shaped mini pancakes every time! You...
Easy Egg Cracker
Another one of our faves!  We just love this canny gadget - and it's...
Cupcake Core Remover
This is simple and perfect! Core all your cupcakes with ease with this little tool....
Clever Cake Slice Cutter
No more arguments over who has the largest slice! This modern cake cutter will give...
Canny Chocolate Melting Pot
No more bowls precariously perched over pans of boiling water. Nope just pop your chocolate...
Canny Batter Dispenser
Oh this is a great idea! No more dripping batter everywhere and you can dispense...