Canny Gift Ideas

Want to surprise someone with one of our canny gadgets? We've put a few ideas together which we think would make great gifts.
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Bike Pizza Cutter!
Bike Pizza Cutter! This is a great sport! Easily slices through pizzas. Loved by everyone...
Portable Newborn Baby Food/Milk Container
This cute little colourful storage container will never leave you baby hungry! Comes in 2...
Really Canny Cake Slicer
We think this is such a great idea that it went immediately into our Canny...
Spill-Proof Gyro Baby Feeding Bowl
Some ideas are so clever they are just UNREAL! This awesome neat canny little bowl...
Mason Jar Shaped Sealable Storage Bags
We think these are so funky, canny and practical too! Pop your food into the...
Fun Doggie Oven Glove
 We love fun items which are practical too here at! Silicone heat resistant gloves...
Coffee Cup Cookie Holder
When we're all busy here there's nothing nicer than a nice cup of coffee complete...
Clever Cake Slice Cutter
No more arguments over who has the largest slice! This modern cake cutter will give...
Beer Bottle Cap Launcher
OMG this bottle cap launcher is hilarious - you'll be going back for more and...
Bazooka Sushi Maker
Speed up your sushi making and be a Canny Sushi Cook!! If you love sushi...
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