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Canny gadgets that will help you when you in the food prep mode!
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Garlic/Ginger Crusher you cannot be without!
We love this friendly little tool!  This not only crushes garlic but it handles ginger...
Curl Your Dog Sausage Cutter
Curl Your Dog Sausage Cutter! Woof! These are fun and really popular right now!  Literally...
Microwave Potato Chip Maker
When we first saw this we wondered what on earth it was! It's a neat...
$13.99 $10.99
Multifunction Kitchen Chopping Board
This is a VERY useful chopping board because it does so many things! You can...
Quick And Easy Fries Cutter
So you know the score...the kids (and probably you) want some fries tonight but you...
Smart 2 in 1 Scissors
Are these scissors or a chopping board or a cleaver? All three! We bet you've...
Speedy Veggie/Fruit Slicer!
Oh yes food prep is going to be fun!! This canny little gadget speeds up...
Trendy Burger Press
This is so simple and yet so darn useful that it's gone viral on the...
Magic Veggie Spiralizer
Spiralizing your food is a very trendy thing to be doing at the moment! With...
Heart Sandwich Cutter
Show your loved one how much you care and give them heart shaped sandwiches for...
Genius Egg Cooker
Ok, ok so this doesn't look like much does it? Well, you know us here...
Garlic/ginger crusher, grinder, press
We love garlic crushers here at - don't know why but we do! We...