Food Storage

If you are a Canny Cook that plans ahead then it's inevitable that you will want to store your lovely food. Here are a few canny ideas!
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Onion & Avocado Storage Tubs
We love veggie and fruit shaped containers - don't ask us why - we just...
Portable Mini Bag Sealer
Well this canny little item will seal just about any kind of plastic bag and...
Portable Soda Pop Dispenser
Yep we are all into canny gadgets here at and this is no exception....
Reusable Vacuum Food Ziplock Bags
These are very canny and nifty! You can put pretty much anything in these resealable,...
Snack Tray Phone Holder
Well what can we say about this nifty thing? Is it a tray, is it...
Stretchy Reusable Food & Container Cover
This super stretchy food cover will go over pretty much anything! It will stretch over...
Thermal Layered Lunch Box Flask
  A very trendy lunch box that looks and acts a bit like a flask!...
Measuring Cup Storage Container
A great idea! A storage container with a measuring cup attached. Well the uses are...
Mason Jar Shaped Sealable Storage Bags
We think these are so funky, canny and practical too! Pop your food into the...
Hanging Mesh Storage Bags
Come on don't you just love the colours of these cute little hanging bags? These...
Fridge Extra Shelf Space Savers
Not enough space in your fridge? Some shelves not full to the top but you...
Clever Stretchy Food Container Wraps
  Oh yes these are clever, durable, long lasting, easy and genius! No more searching...