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Spaghetti Monster Strainer
We love this Spaghetti Monster Strainer! One of our Canny faves...and you never know it might...
Bike Pizza Cutter!
Bike Pizza Cutter! This is a great sport! Easily slices through pizzas. Loved by everyone...
Pig Corn Forks
Pig Corn Forks! Fun, useful and so different! Go stab those corns with these fab...
Curl Your Dog Sausage Cutter
Curl Your Dog Sausage Cutter! Woof! These are fun and really popular right now!  Literally...
Multifunction Kitchen Chopping Board
This is a VERY useful chopping board because it does so many things! You can...
Snack Tray Phone Holder
Well what can we say about this nifty thing? Is it a tray, is it...
Mason Jar Shaped Sealable Storage Bags
We think these are so funky, canny and practical too! Pop your food into the...
Easy Filp Mini Pancake Mold
This is a great Canny thing for making perfect shaped mini pancakes every time! You...
Cupcake Core Remover
This is simple and perfect! Core all your cupcakes with ease with this little tool....
Christmas Embossed Rolling Pin
This is an excellent idea with a Christmas theme. Take a rolling pin and engrave...
Canny Chocolate Melting Pot
No more bowls precariously perched over pans of boiling water. Nope just pop your chocolate...
Bag Cap Airtight Sealer
Well this is a clever canny little object for sealing plastic bags and then some!...