Our Canny Faves!

These are a bunch of our favourite Canny gadgets!
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Garlic/Ginger Crusher you cannot be without!
We love this friendly little tool!  This not only crushes garlic but it handles ginger...
Spaghetti Monster Strainer
We love this Spaghetti Monster Strainer! One of our Canny faves...and you never know it might...
Bike Pizza Cutter!
Bike Pizza Cutter! This is a great sport! Easily slices through pizzas. Loved by everyone...
Pig Corn Forks
Pig Corn Forks! Fun, useful and so different! Go stab those corns with these fab...
Onion & Avocado Storage Tubs
We love veggie and fruit shaped containers - don't ask us why - we just...
Genius Egg Cooker
Ok, ok so this doesn't look like much does it? Well, you know us here...
Measuring Cup Storage Container
A great idea! A storage container with a measuring cup attached. Well the uses are...
Canny Batter Dispenser
Oh this is a great idea! No more dripping batter everywhere and you can dispense...
Heart Sandwich Cutter
Show your loved one how much you care and give them heart shaped sandwiches for...
Smart 2 in 1 Scissors
Are these scissors or a chopping board or a cleaver? All three! We bet you've...
Really Useful Baking Mat
This baking mat is just superb! It's a really canny idea to have a mat...
Fun Doggie Oven Glove
 We love fun items which are practical too here at CannyCooks.com! Silicone heat resistant gloves...