Superb Baby Food Spout Pouches x 10

Superb Baby Food Spout Pouches x 10

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These baby food pouches will store just about anything!

Storing breast milk for instance is not always an easy task, neither are the softer pureed foods when baby is on the way to weaning.

But what we really love about these pouches is not only do they have a flat bottom to stand them up or the fact that it has a measuring chart which you can write more than's not even the fact that they carry a whopping 180mls of food...nope...what we REALLY LOVE and appeals to us here at is the fact that the spout can turn into a SPOON! YES!

Oh yes, awesome cannyness! If you have a small baby then you are going to love these pouches! 

Comes in a pack of 10, discounts available when you buy more than one pack!

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