Genius Egg Cooker

Genius Egg Cooker

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Ok, ok so this doesn't look like much does it?

Well, you know us here at we wouldn't bring you some ordinary gadget, nope we bring you...

...the perfect genius egg cooker/cup!

Why is it so genius, because you crack your egg into the mould, pop the lid on, put it in boiling water, you can see when it's done and boiled egg, soft or hard, WITHOUT any annoying (hot) shell to take off AND it has a flat top so you can make those awesome stuffed eggs OR just eat your boiled egg out of the container OR slip it out into your sarnie - yum!

We LOVE this. 

It might be small and discrete, but it's mighty in it's cannyness!!

Comes as a 6 piece pack - of course!


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